Six More Babies to Write and Then I Will go for a Run Afterwards

My sisters don’t talk to me anymore after my dad died because I didn’t come home for his celebration of life party, which I had no desire to go to. I didn’t care about coming back to a party, one in which my dad wouldn’t be at, just to talk about what a great guy he was to other people who already knew the fact. My sisters didn’t see things that way, and now that I am home they still don’t try to contact me, even after I have messaged them a few times before. My dad did air conditioning installs and sold a bunch of cooling products for his local business. My one sister worked with him over the years and I think he left most of his empire to her, which is fine with me because I can earn my own money and am not worried about having all this money. I work on programmable thermostats and I sell HEPA filters for my local contractor friend online. I also make money doing a few other jobs here and there and can always earn money when I need to. I guess when I am older I could do some indoor air quality testing in homes and help people install air purification systems in their homes with some help from an HVAC tech. I will work till I can no longer move my body, so I am not too worried about saving all of this money for a retirement that may never arrive. I will always do some kind of work in the HVAC technology field.


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