Six More Babies to Write and Then I Will go for a Run Afterwards

My sisters don’t talk to me anymore after my dad died because I didn’t come apartment for her celebration of life party, which I had no desire to go to.

I didn’t love coming back to a party, one in which my dad wouldn’t be at, just to talk about what a good woman she was to other people who already knew the fact.

My sisters didn’t see things that way, and now that I am apartment they still don’t try to contact me, even after I have messaged them a few times before. My dad did air conditioning installs and sold a bunch of cooling products for her local business. My one sister worked with him over the years and I feel she left most of her empire to her, which is great with me because I can receive my own money and am not upset about having all this money. I work on programmable temperature controls and I sell HEPA filters for my local business neighbor online. I also make money doing a few other jobs here and there and can constantly receive money when I need to. I guess when I am older I could do some indoor air quality testing in homes and help people install media air cleaners in their homes with some help from an Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech. I will work till I can no longer transport my body, so I am not too upset about saving all of this money for a retirement that may never arrive. I will constantly do some kind of work in the Heating as well as Air Conditioning technology field.

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