Recovering at home with my residential HVAC

It’s funny how you don’t miss great stuff until it’s gone.

And then, you realize that there is just so much great stuff that had been totally taken for granted.

Well let me tell you, I’m getting a full dose of this irony and it will forever change my perspective. For the better part of a year, I’ve been staring at the same spots on the ceiling inside the central air conditioning of my home. Essentially, it’s the spots on my bedroom ceiling and the spots in the living room I see from the couch. That is now my daily commute, from the bed to the couch. But that’s a big step. For the longest time, I couldn’t even do that but was flat on my back in my bed. I’ve been recovering from a horrific motorcycle accident that nearly took my life. While I’m so grateful to be alive, my body was pretty wrecked. And so, I’ve had a lengthy recovery that doesn’t have me doing much but staying inside with the quality heating and air. At first, I was angry and depressed. But as I’ve made slow improvement, I’ve been given a whole new perspective. It starts with all the little things like that quality heating and air I just mentioned. I now have a brand new and deep appreciation for all this awesome stuff in my life. Like, without residential HVAC and HVAC technology, my recovery would have been so much tougher. Just having the smart thermostat app on my phone made a huge difference. I was able to change the thermostat setting from wherever I was staring up at the ceiling. Believe it or not, that was such a big deal for me.



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