Why heat pump maintenance is important

I am very happy with the operation of my electric heat pump.

  • The investment into an all-in-one heating and cooling system was considerable.

A heat pump is a modern technological innovation that provides environmentally friendly and energy efficient temperature control. I want the system to perform reliably and last as long as possible. I know that regular heat pump service is necessary to not only fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty obligations but to optimize value. Without seasonal upkeep, dust and grime accumulates on coils. There is the potential for clogged filters and refrigerant leaks. Even minor issues hinder the heat pump’s ability to transfer heat effectively. If the equipment is forced to work harder and run longer, it uses more electricity and results in higher utility bills. Routine maintenance promotes peak energy efficiency. When the technician inspects all of the components, he detects any parts that have worn out due to wear and tear. Tightening wires, cleaning and replacing various parts extends the life of the unit. I can also be sure that the heat pump is providing a healthy living space. A neglected system can quickly become a source of mold, bacteria and various allergens that get circulated throughout the home and breathed in by my family. I have enrolled in a service plan with a local HVAC contractor. This service plan includes priority scheduling, no overtime fees for emergency repairs and discounts on replacement parts. By having the system checked out every six months, I don’t need to worry about sudden malfunctions. I can be sure that the heat pump is always operating at its best. I save money and enjoy superior comfort, air quality and peace of mind.

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