Two More Articles to Write plus Then I’m Jumping off of a Bridge

I’m not trying to off myself of anything like that, it is just a few of my friends going bridge jumping into a river who invited me to come along. The river is really cold, about 40F, plus when you land in the water it really jolts you into reality plus wakes you up. I’ve done it before a few times plus came home feeling so great that it makes me want to go try it again while the river is cold. I think the fall is about 25 feet plus when you hit that water you know it. Air conditioning repair repair is what I need to focus on first as our Heating plus Air Conditioning system is not working right in the cooling area plus I want to get it done before the moderate weather comes back in a month or two. I like to get this kind of stuff done before the weather warms up plus now would be the perfect time to get it done as it is early April plus the weather is going to be shifting to the hot side in no time. I have a great cooling plus heating provider I can call to come over plus look at our weather conditions control system, plus I think they are pretty slow right now so this would be a great time to have them come over to look at the unit. I think my associate and I can get it fixed pretty quickly plus be all set for those hot days of summer time coming up. The river can wait a couple more hours for me.


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