Trying to get a lesson about the HVAC system air filters while the dog and cat are going at it

My dog and my cat love to play together.

They play together all of the time.

The dog barks and the cat swats. I think they like to play and the cat just doesn’t hate my dog. I think it is cute sometimes but they can take it too far. I had an HVAC system tune up appointment last week. The HVAC technician was going to come to my house. Right before he got there the cat and dog were chasing each other all over the house. When the HVAC technician got to the house, they were still going at it. I was almost really embarrassed. I showed the HVAC technician to the HVAC unit outside. He was there to clean it and change the air filter for me. While he was doing this he was talking to me and trying to change the air filter. He was showing me how to do it so I could do it more often. The purpose of that is to keep the system from breaking down. It would help the system to not breakdown by avoiding the filters from clogging up. If the filter clogs up the system would stop running and I would have to change the filter myself or call for HVAC assistance. As he is telling me this all you can hear in the background is the dog and the cat going at it. We couldn’t help but laugh at it all. I do not think they ever get sick of each other. I am glad that the HVAC technician thought it was humorous too.


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