She Shed luxury

We kept enjoying all of these television shows about tiny homes and decided that one of them would make a good escape stadium for our mom! With Mother’s Day approaching my great friend and I decided to surprise her with her own little hideaway in the backyard.

The largest challenge would be pulling it off separate from her finding out.

Most of the unit could be built off place and delivered, but, things like plumbing, electric, and the HVAC unit needed to be installed once it was in stadium! Now all of these were minimal with the exception of the HVAC unit. Because the unit would need it’s own breaker to handle the electric load my great friend and I knew my great friend and I needed a professional electrician as well as an HVAC serviceman on place to finish the install. Thankfully, our HVAC company worked with a local contractor and they could supply both; My buddy and I knew that the person doing the electric could be trusted as much as our HVAC serviceman and that put our fears at ease. It is always hard to trust strangers to come into your dwelling and do work for you however my great friend and I had used the same HVAC company for year. When the day arrived to deliver the “She Shed” my great friend and I had to enlist Dad’s help to get mom out of the dwelling for more than 2 hours, and he planned a day out on the boat to ensure that mom would not decide to call it a day and head dwelling early. Everything went like clockwork and when they did come home, mom was so surprised that she cried. She is looking forward to decorating her space and spending time in her own little oasis.


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