Ride sharing with awful temperature control

We just got Uber in our city.

Other cities have had this for a unquestionably long time.

It is a type of vehicle sharing service. It is almost like a taxi except people use their own cars as well as do it on their own time. This type of vehicle repair is unquestionably nice if you have somewhere that you do not want to drive yourself! Especially if you are going to be drinking it is a unquestionably nice service. However I know one thing that I do not like is some of these drivers do not host you unquestionably well at their car. Some drivers leave the vehicle unquestionably cold; Just the other day I had a driver who had his window rolled all the way down while in his drive. I will have you know that it was 15 degrees outside too, and he had his window pulled all the way down. I was really frigid, then but of course I do not want to ask him to roll up his window. I would be afraid of him being mean or yelling at me for that. So I just sucked it up the entire ride. The people inside who drive these cars do not have unquestionably good temperature control for their clients. They also do not take into consideration that our clients preferences for temperature control. I hope that there are some drivers out there who take into consideration the comfort of their clients. It is not about the comfort of the drivers but more for the comfort of the customer. Always make sure that you have the regular temperature control for your customer.


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