Professional construction company proves helpful

The average year round temperature in Lincoln, Nebraska, swings from fourteen degrees to eighty-nine degrees.

  • Over the winter, it’s not unusual to experience feet of snow and sub zero temperatures.

During the summer, we aren’t surprised by triple digit conditions and brutal humidity. While the four distinct seasons are certainly beautiful, they create challenges. Our homes need to be properly insulated and ventilated to ensure energy efficiency, comfort and healthy indoor air quality. Because heating and cooling account for approximately fifty percent of monthly energy bills, it’s important that new construction supports a tightly sealed thermal envelope. When my husband and I decided to build a new home in Lincoln, I researched the local contractors and read customer reviews. I found a fully licensed, insured and positively rated construction company to handle our project. They were wonderfully professional and resourceful. They organized the completion of our new construction home according to a strict and speedy timeline. It was fascinating watching the stages of the project. Everything needed to be perfectly coordinated. The electrical system, plumbing and ductwork was designed and installed before the walls could be sealed up. This required specialized sub contractors to complete their work in a timely manner. Plus, the construction company consulted with us and everything from choosing thermal pane windows and Energy Star rated doors to light fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Their expertise was crucial in avoiding mistakes, delays and unnecessary costs. I am delighted with the open floor plan, giant kitchen and lots of closets. My husband is very happy with the two-garage, basement workshop and the deck on the back of the house.

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