poor ventilation for Heating and Air Conditioning unit

My Grandfather is getting along in his years plus sometimes makes some exhausting choices. The only issue that he seems to have his with his memory but his overall health is still good, then each of our family members alternate who is during the week stopping in to check on him while trying not to make him feel like we are hovering, however last week when it was my turn to stop in I was glad that I did because if I had not there may have been a extreme issue at his house. He had decided to purchase a portable Heating and Air Conditioning unit that was able to do transport from room to room because he wanted it in the kitchen during the afternoon plus in his kitchen at evening. This was an excellent chance for him although I don’t guess that he understood the instruction for using the unit. He must have thought it was similar to a fan plus just restrained it into the wall without having it vented out of the window. When I arrived at his house plus walked in I was met by wall of really hot air plus a really agitated Grandfather. He was laying on the couch severely frustrated plus could not understand why the room was getting warmer instead of getting cooler. I immediately open some of the windows just to let in some fresh air while trying to figure out what the concern was. When I saw the portable Heating and Air Conditioning unit I knew immediately that my Grandfather had not followed the instruction when installing it. Not only had he just restrained it into the wall, he had not even affixed to see ventilation hose, so I need Italy did both of these plus within about 30 minutes the house was cool plus comfortable. Without the ventilation hose going out the window the hot air that was removed from the environment was simply put back into the room so there was no way for the cooling system to work respectfully.

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