Pipes Freezing Because of no Heat

Last winter, my good friend and I had one of the worst winters that I have ever been through.

It was unquestionably awful.

Not only did my good friend and I have a record snowfall for our area, but my good friend and I also had numerous more storms that usual. It seemed like for an entire month straight the wind was so strong that you didn’t even want to walk outside to your car. It did so much harm to our house as well as backyard that my good friend and I had to call our insurance company to get the finances to fix all of it. The worst period of last winter season came just one week before Christmas. My buddy and I had such poor storms that the electricity was out for an entire week. My buddy and I were able to get a generator as well as some space furnaces to stay nice as well as warm, but it wasn’t enough to keep the house moderate enough. Unfortunately because my good friend and I had no heat, the pipes in our house froze. This caused a immense disaster, as well as it ended up costing us thousands of dollars. My buddy and I didn’t have water or heat for Christmas. Although it was a unquestionably difficult year for us, my good friend and I were able to witness first hand the love of the people in our community. My buddy and I had neighbors as well as people my good friend and I didn’t even know coming to our house, bringing us food, as well as offering to help us update the pipes as well as fix anything they could. Not having heat is definitely not something that I would wish upon anyone, but for our family, my good friend and I will never forget those couple weeks as well as how they have changed our life through the kindness of others.

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