Need to Cut Back on Sugar plus go Buy a HEPA Filter

I’ve been eating quite a bit of sweets over the holidays plus can see the new fat on my stomach where before there wasn’t so much.

Now I am going to split out all sugar plus start my clean diet that I was doing earlier in the year.

Well, this week started a new year so what I easily mean is earlier last year. I know I can be back in the shape I was last Summer if I clean up my diet for about three or four months. If I start doing more Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C duct repairs in the Summer like I used to do, I will lose that weight even faster because of all of the work it takes to do the tasks. I know the greatest contributor of fat on the stomach is the sugar plus the lack of exercise as it has been too cold to play beach volleyball. The duct cleaning plus duct sealing task has also been put on the back burner since coming to the States for a month trip. I will go for a run later in the park behind us plus do some TRX strap workouts for the rest of my body. My aunt wants me to help her with her geothermal heat pump plus maybe look at her hybrid Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system if I have enough time. I am going to hang out with a associate later but not until I get my writing plus exercise done. The local service provider associate of mine is going to come over for the workout so I need to get this done.