My tune up appointment was much later than it should have been

Sometimes people will say better late than never.

  • However, I think that late is sometimes too late.

When I went to schedule my HVAC tune up appointment it was too late. I had called and made an appointment. However, at this point it was already getting cold and the first snowfall was coming up quickly. I could not get an appointment until the next week. I needed to turn the HVAC system one because it had become significantly colder within a couple of days. I was really starting to feel it inside of my house. I wanted the house to be warm however, I could not get my HVAC system to start up. This is when I knew that I should have requested the HVAC system tune up much sooner. Now, I could have no heat in my house until the HVAC professional was going to show up. When he did show up, he told me he had to replace some things. He had asked if the HVAC system was working and I told him no. I could not get the heat to turn on. It turned out that the heating coil had burnt out and no longer worked. He had to replace the entire thing. If i had scheduled my tune up sooner, this might not have been an issue. It probably tried so hard to turn on but it just couldn’t. I ended up paying some extra since it was going to be treated as a repair. I should have even scheduled a tune up in the spring after I used it. Maybe the problem could have been caught much sooner.



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