My new a/c is also an media air cleaner

I just found out that my new a/c is also an media air cleaner.

  • That makes me so glad.

I know that it genuinely won’t toil plus buying a whole separate air purifying unit, even though I am sure that it will at least do something. I took a class in college that was all about the environment, and one of the units talked about pollution and toxins in the air that we breathe, ever since that class, I have found myself thinking about the many pollutants that I breathe in on a biweekly basis. There are so many germs and sickness that I come in contact with. I know that I cannot stop myself from breathing in germs and things when I am out of my house, even though I like to know that I can at least do something for while I am in the house. I hope that my new a/c with the media air cleaner legitimately does something. I am not sure what to think about it because I have heard mixed options, then some people say that the air purifying part works great, and others say that they don’t know it even works at all. I hope it at least eliminates some of the pollutants in my home. I have tried to get rid of many of the toxic cleaners and products that I use in my home, so that should help as well. If I don’t feel like this new a/c is doing something, I may just buy an media air cleaner for my home.


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