My humidifier is very nice

I love my new humidifier.

It is so nice.

I never knew that humidifiers could be so fancy. I did not buy myself the humidifier. One of my best friends showed up at my doorstep with it. I was so excited. I looked up the same exact humidifier on the internet, and I found out that it cost quite a bit of money. I could not believe how much my friend spent on a gift for me. I know that she loves me and probably did not think twice about the price tag, but I just don’t spend that kind of money on things like humidifiers. I guess I am just very thankful that she bought me such a luxurious humidifier. I had never even used a humidifier before except for a short period of time when I lived with my sister, and she let me use one in her guest bedroom. I remember that it really helped my skin. I have naturally dry skin, so the humidifier helped heal my dry flaky skin quite rapidly. I have no idea why I didn’t get a humidifier of my own right after that. I should have because it did wonders for my skin. I told my friend about it a couple of times, so that is why she showed up at my doorstep with a humidifier. She knew how much I wanted one. I am really excited to give this new humidifier a try. I am sure that it will do wonders for my skin once again, and I cannot wait until I don’t have to worry about having dry skin anymore. I will use that dehumidifier 24/7 I am sure.


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