My bridal shower was a success minus the bad temperature control

I wish he thermostat was less complicated

I finally got the day I had been dreading over with. I was dreading my bridal shower. I do not like the attention all on me. I am not an attention hog like that. I am going to dread my ceremony for that reason as well. At least I will be sharing that with my soon to be hubby. I am legitimately happy for this whole experience actually. The bridal shower was niceā€¦ Everyone had a beautiful time. It was honestly nice bridal shower put together by my cousins. There was one thing my associate and I had trouble with though. It was a rather sizzling day outside. It was warmer than my associate and I were expecting it to be actually. My good friend and I could not find the thermostat down. The heat was blasting so it was quite sizzling in the building. When my associate and I finally did find it, my associate and I could not figure out how to use it. It was so confusing. It was a brand modern digital thermostat that none of us had seen before. None of us had any experience with this sort of thing. My good friend and I pushed some buttons on the thermostat and saw some numbers move. My good friend and I had finally figured it out. My good friend and I heard the air kick on. The only thing after that was it got too cold. My good friend and I had to go back to the thermostat and figure it out. I wish he thermostat was less complicated. I wish the building was better temperature controlled. Next time I do something like this I will make sure to ask about the heating and cooling involved with the site.



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