My best neighbor is getting married and I do not know the temperature control

I do not want to end up kicking myself for not dressing warm

This weekend neighbor is getting married. It is going to be legitimately exciting. However I have had a legitimately tough time figuring out what to wear. I am trying to figure out what to wear because of the weather. It is a winter season wedding; So I want to make sure that I am going to be actually moderate and not too cold. I was going to wear a short dress with open-toed shoes. However I am thinking that I am not going to wear that anymore. I do not know what the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system is going to be doing in there. I am not sure if it is going to be actually well temperature control. I feel as if I cannot rely on the air quality inside of the site. I have never been to this site if I do not even know the comfort level of it. I would legitimately kick myself if I were a short dress and open-toed shoes and then the site ended up being cold cold… They might expect people to be dancing and getting moderate so they might even put the a/c on. I would hope that this would not be the case though. I do not want to end up kicking myself for not dressing warm. I can constantly bring layers with me. However I would much rather be able to take players off if needed, regardless it is going to be a beautiful weekend and I will make the best of the air temperature inside of the site. I just can’t wait for my neighbor to get married.


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