Leaving the Heat On

My hubby and I recently retired, and my pal and I certainly wanted to purchase a beach apartment or a cottage as a way to get out of civilization for awhile and rejuvenate.

My associate and I looked around at numerous odd cottages and beach houses, however my pal and I ended up going with a nice cottage on the lake. I am so happy with our decision. Since my pal and I purchased it, my pal and I have stayed out there three times. It’s far enough away from the neighborhood that it’s completely private, yet it’s close enough to the that my pal and I can drive to the grocery store or to a nice diner in a half hour. Something that my pal and I weren’t prepared for is the price of heating the place. Of course, during the summer, no heat is needed, however in the fall and winter, it is truly cold where my pal and I live, and heat is necessary. My associate and I would cherish to travel out to the cottage during the winter time months, however my pal and I simply don’t have the time. Just because my pal and I aren’t there doesn’t mean that my pal and I can keep the heat off though. If my pal and I turn off the heat completely, the pipes will freeze and cause another whole concern that my pal and I don’t want. My hubby has figured out the lowest temperature that my pal and I can possibly keep it at without the pipes colds. Because of this, it hasn’t been outrageously extravagant, however it’s still a bit more than my pal and I were expecting. My associate and I have considered winterizing it, however some of our adolescents want to spend their Christmas trip out there. I feel everything comes with its hidden cost, but I hope my pal and I can figure out a way to save some money on our modern cottage.
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