Knowing my HVAC system so that I can help the HVAC technician when I have a problem

If there is anything that I like to do, it is to be prepared.

There is nothing more valuable than being prepared.

No one likes it when you are not prepared. Teachers really dislike it when you are unprepared. I always make sure that I am prepared when I have an HVAC system appointment. They often ask me questions. They ask me when my last tune up appointment was. I always make sure to get those because it is good for the system. I also do not want to say that I do not get them because I know that is not good. He might also ask me when the last time was that I changed my air filter. I make sure to do this often. It keeps my HVAC system from clogging up. I do not want this to happen because it could be putting dirty air into my house. It could also cause the system to stop working. There is no benefit to not changing your air filter at all. He could ask me other things such as what I think may be wrong with the system. I make sure that I am familiar with my system. This helps to notice when something changes. I can identify when parts look different. They may change or become loose as they become defective. It is important to know your HVAC system well to make sure you are prepared for the HVAC technician. It makes their lives easier and it helps them diagnose a problem too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your HVAC system to get to know it better!


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