Importance of proper sizing of heating system

I read up on the different models and manufacturers of furnaces before scheduling heating system installation with a local Ashtabula HVAC company.

Most of the top-of-the-line models are similar, no matter the brand.

The units achieve anywhere from a 95 to 98% AFUE by way of adaptable-speed technology. It’s possible to implement zone control and wifi access to the system. The operation is quiet and provides a very consistent indoor temperature. According to the information I found, the sizing and installation process of the furnace is most important. There are HVAC contractors that don’t follow the recommended guidelines for sizing a unit. Rather than taking the calculations necessary according to Manual J to determine the heating loss/gain of the indoor space, they simply install an oversized furnace. This costs more to purchase. If the heating system is too big for the demands of the home, it will short-cycle. It will bring up the indoor temperature very quickly and then shutdown. This repeated off and on operation never allows the furnace to reach peak efficiency. It also causes unpleasant temperature fluctuations and added wear and wear on the equipment. A furnace that is too small for the needs of the home will run constantly, using a tremendous amount of energy and failing to provide ideal comfort. Since the last time we installed a furnace, we’ve made renovations and improvements to our home. We’ve replaced the roof and windows. We’ve added insulation and taken out interior walls. I wanted to be sure that we chose the right size of furnace to handle our needs effectively and efficiently. Living in Ashtabula, Ohio, the winters can be brutal.


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