I wanted them to running more air conditioning while I was on stage

That was what truly had mattered

This past weekend I performed in my legitimately first musical; I was so excited and my buddy and I had practiced so taxing for so numerous afternoons, the time had come to perform on stage for the first time and it was not what I had thought it was going to be. I understand that I would be on stage in front of numerous lights, however, I did not suppose I would get as moderate as I did. There were a lot of people in the audience. I thought that they would have an sufficient amount of air conditioning on to make up for the amounts of people. Also, for us performers who needed the air conditioning! My friend and I needed it because it seemed as if some of our makeup would start running down our head. It was not cool enough on stage for us, but luckily, when my buddy and I were off stage it was much cooler. My friend and I could spend time getting cool in the hallway. I asked someone about the HVAC system they had running. I asked if it was possible to run it any more. I was dying on stage, However, running the a/c more would mean that guests could become uncomfortable, however plus, anytime you run the HVAC system more, the more likely it would be for it to break down at that time. My friend and I did not need the HVAC system chopping down during the performance because everyone would undoubtedly become uncomfortable. The room was cool enough for the audience. That was what truly had mattered. I was told they could put in a fan when I was off stage to cool down. I do not suppose that they know it only moves around hot air.

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