I thought tiled floors were a burden before I had radiant floors installed

I used to suppose that having tiled flooring in the bathroom was a crucial burden.

The tiled flooring was always cold when I would step onto it. I would have several bath mats in the bathroom & even drag them around. I did this to avoid stepping onto the cold tile. I also needed to put socks on too. I thought this flooring was a burden until I installed radiant floors in the bathroom. I needed to install these radiant floors so that I could walk on the tiles. When I step into the bathroom now, I do not need to wear socks. I do not need to drag the bath mats around with me either. I simply step right onto the tiled floor without a worry of having cold feet. The radiant floors are simply installed with pipes. There are pipes that run beneath the floor. Through these pipes runs definitely hot water. The heat from the hot water that runs through them, heats the floors. Not only does it heat the floor but the air as well. The heat from the floor has to go anywhere. The heat will release into the air into the bathroom, and getting out of the shower now, is no longer burden. I confidently walk out of the shower & still feel warm. It respectfully heats my rather crucial bathroom just as I want it to be. I can even adjust how hot the floors will be with the temperature control component with the radiant floors. However, it does not work as accurately with these radiant floors.



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