I started cleaning the filters in my a/c every month

I just started cleaning the filters in my a/c every single month.

I put it on my biweekly to-do list. I never used to do it that often, even though I have learned that it is good for me to do it that often. I used to only disinfect the filters in my a/c about two times per year. A few months ago, I went to go disinfect the a/c filters, and I saw mold on them. I was quite concerned that there was mold on them. That meant that some of that mold could have been blown through the air for me to breathe in, and I am allergic to mold. I knew when I saw that, that I had to start cleaning out my a/c more often. I did notice a little bit of a musty aroma as well. I was not glad with it. I almost threw away my a/c and bought a new one. I know that may seem quite drastic to some people, even though I entirely do not like musty aromas. I am so glad that the aroma went away after I cleaned the filters. Ever since that time, I have vowed to disinfect my a/c every single month. If I ever miss a cleaning, I start to aroma a musty moldy aroma, and I immediately go and disinfect the filters in my a/c. I am thinking about making that a chore for one of my kids. I would pay them to do it since it isn’t part of their regular chores. I just don’t want to have to worry about it anymore. I need to make sure that the air filters are constantly cleaned.

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