I ran into a heating system last night and busted my leg open

I am the kind of person that is always hot; My partner is the exact opposite of me, then he seems to always be chilly no matter how moderate it feels to me, the hardest part about being opposites in this way is finding the right temperature for our study room, i obviously care about it to be pretty chilly in the room at night while my partner prefers it to be quite warm.

He has a heated mattress pad on his side of the bed which helps keep him warm, so we usually keep the room at about sixty degrees during the summertime. I use an cooling system to keep the study room cool during the Summer months, but during the wintertime, I usually just open a window which can make the room a little cooler than sixty degrees. My partner tends to get honestly chilly when I do that, so I have been trying a new method lately. Instead of opening the window in our study room, I just close the heating vents in our room. My partner bought a space heating system to put next to his side of the bed, so with that space heating system going it keeps the room at about fifty-five to sixty degrees. It is the perfect solution. The only thing that bothers me is that my partner insists on having the space heating system on his side of the bed which means it is in the pathway to the bathroom. I went to go use the restroom last night, and I ran into the heater. I hit my leg so difficult that I needed four stitches to knit it back up. Needless to say, my partner will be moving that space heating system to a new area.


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