I am adding an air purification system to my new home

I have wanted an air purification system installed in my house for a long time.

  • It really bothered me not to have one in my home.

I lived without one for ten years even though I wanted one the entire time. It makes me so upset knowing that I could have had one for ten years, but I kept procrastinating on getting one installed and just never ended up getting one. I am in the process of building my dream home, and I am making sure to have an air purification system added this time. It is so much easier and even a bit cheaper to get it added as I am building my house instead of adding it to a preexisting home. I really cannot wait to have an air purification system in my own home. I have dreamed of the day when I would finally get one, and now, my dreams are becoming a reality. I really wish that I could finish my new house even faster, but I have tried to speed up the process with no avail. My dad told me that I should hire a different contractor because he thinks that mine is working way too slowly, but I just cannot bring myself to do it. It is good for me to wait anyways. I have waited over ten years for a home with an air purification system, so I certainly can wait a few more months. At least I can’t procrastinate on it anymore. It will be there no matter what I do now, which is actually quite nice.