Hiding the window equipment A/C before a celebration

When I know people are coming over, I will turn the A/C on for a few hours before guests arrive.

This way, the room is cool & I will be able to hide the window equipment A/C from the guests without having to worry about the room being too warm.

I simply put a curtain over the window equipment A/C & my guests don’t feel twice about it. Although there are many pros to having a window equipment AC, there are many cons. For example, the window equipment A/C is truly noisy. It is almost impossible to watch a film if the window equipment A/C is on. When we have friends over, I constantly have to make sure that we are having conversations away from the window equipment A/C because the noise can truly ruin the night, especially if you have soft spoken people in your celebration. The window equipment A/C is a good thing to have if you live alone or with another person, but however if you have guests, the window equipment A/C can become a stressful thing. I have lived with window equipment A/C for most of my life, so I am used to the ugly appliance. They truly are truly ugly to look at. I don’t mind looking at it because I know that it saves me a lot of money on energy bills each month, then sometimes, I wish that I could just set the temperature control & not worry about it anymore. Anyways, there are a lot of ways that you can disguise a window equipment A/C & it is not that difficult.


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