Hello air conditioner season

I cherish where I live and for 8 months of the year, it is glorious.

I opened my eyes immediately when the heat pump came on. It was like instant recognition of a sound that means air conditioner. It’s just now flipped the page to March down here in the south. And I was taking luck of the quiet inside the central air conditioner of my home with a quick nap. I feel it might have been around 3pm that day when the air conditioner kicked on for the first time this Springtime. And the Heating and A/C chaletet part of the heat pump is right outside the family room window. When the heat pump kicked on to start the cooling season, I snapped awake as though it was the shot of the starter’s pistola. It’s that time now. There is no denying it any longer, the winter time is over for us. I heard that our neighbors to the north were having yet another opening to crank the gas furnace this weekend. Snow in the forecast for those bad souls. But here, we’re done and it sort of breaks my heart because this is the best time of the year when it comes to temperature. I cherish the fact that my residential Heating and A/C just sits calmly nearly all winter time as though it was the heating and cooling buddha. That heat pump has plenty of uninterrupted meditations through the winter time because my pal and I just don’t get much demand for heating. And that is pure bliss for me. I cherish where I live and for 8 months of the year, it is glorious. The Springtime will be elegant and I cherish these new, lime green leaves I see out my window. But this time of year also welcomes in air conditioner season. So I need to opening up the phone and call my Heating and A/C professionals to get that air conditioner tune up, because we’ll need it.


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