Grooming place is a disaster

My little girl is very special to me. I spare no expense when it comes to her comfort or her appearance. When my groomer retired I needed to find someone else I could trust to make my little angel look perfect and this was no easy task. First off, I needed to find someone who knew how to groom a Bichon. I didn’t want just anyone clipping her because there is a big difference between a poodle and a bichon. Secondly, I need a place that was inspected regularly for health issues and that had a quality HVAC system because I wanted my baby to be safe and comfortable the entire time she was there. She was used to being in the comfort of my home with the heat or air conditioning running all the time. When I had been to my third place I had almost given up. The groomer introduced herself and then reached down to play with my dog. She could sense that she was a little tense so she sat right down on the floor at her level to let her know that things were ok. It was then that I noticed the mini-split unit hanging on the wall. I asked about the HVAC unit and the groomer told me that each room in their facility had its own unit so that the dogs would be comfortable while they were there being groomed. I decided right then and there that I had found the perfect place. They not only know exactly how to make my little girl look perfect, but, she loves going there and seeing them.

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