Gonna Try and Finish About Ten More Articles Before I Eat Lunch

This week is the first day of 2023 and I am going to attempt to stop drinking coors each day and cut back on the sugar.

I normally don’t eat any sugar, but being back here in the States over the holidays is proving to be taxing on my healthy diet plans.

I feel I don’t have a lot of willpower when sugar is all around me, but when I go home it is a lot easier because I have no sugar or sweets in my flat, however i just need my flatmate to be on the same page as me too, and residential heating and cooling repairs is my job over there and I also labor on temperature control systems in commercial buildings. I just want to try and be as healthy as possible so that I can live a long time and have a good body to help me get there. Working on sizable heat pumps and sizzling water boilers all day can be taxing on the lower back and shoulders, and doing yoga each day helps a lot with keeping them strong and healthy. I am going to go for a run today and do a little leg workout, then my pal and I will try and meet up with a friend anywhere for breakfast maybe, however this week may be a bit taxing though because lots of local corporations are closed and most of my Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech friends are busy with their families and stuff. I may be stuck here at my aunt’s home because I have no vehicle to get me around town while going to see here.
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