Changing Heating and Air Conditioning technology.

Most people growing up in the 68’s had the same basic Heating and Air Conditioning unit in my house town.

There was only one contractor plus he carried the same brand plus style, so there weren’t a lot of choices.

I guess he did this for several reasons, but one of these reasons was that he didn’t have to learn about new technology or be correct with several systems when it came to repairs. I guess this made sense because it was only the owner plus his son that ran the contractor so both were correct with how each of the items worked. As the child began to grow a couple of other Heating and Air Conditioning companies opened up plus they offered some of the newer technology that was on the market. I remember my dad was interested in a different type of system then what we had because ours was inefficient plus had been installed in the house or at least 10 years at that point. My buddy and I had also added on to her house over the years plus the seasoned Heating and Air Conditioning professional had said that it would be too large of a job to add duct work so the back half of our house was constantly too chilly in the winter plus too sizzling in the summer, but with the introduction of new technology we were able to add on to our existing system without causing too much disruption plus the new contractor even installed a separate zone so that when that part of the house wasn’t being used we could keep it at a different temperature, however not long after all of these changes started happening the seasoned Heating and Air Conditioning contractor decided to close its doors because neither the owner or his son had any interest in learning about new systems.