Calling an HVAC worker to insulate my dining room window

As the year goes on and the weather gets cooler, I always have to check my house.

I check to make sure everything is sealed up, and every year I find someplace that is letting in a draft into my home.

There is always something whether it be by a window or a door. I go through the home room by room to check by windows and doors. This year there was a slight draft coming from one of the windows. Since this has happened to me before, I knew exactly what to do. I called up my local HVAC professional. I asked him if I could make an appointment for him to come over and insulate one of my windows. It was not urgent that he come over so I waited a couple of afternoons when he was free. The afternoon that he came over he came early in the afternoon. I showed him to the window that was feeling a bit drafty. He solved the concern actually easily. They have this spray foam that they apply and it seals any areas that have this type of draft. He simply applied the spray foam and all you have to do it wait for it to dry. It was absolutely something I could have done on my own but it was nice to know it was properly taken care of by a professional. I always call the HVAC professionals for help to ensure I have the best quality when getting repairs on the HVAC system. It entirely is so easy to make an appointment too!


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