Benefits of central air conditioning

The summers in Palm Bay, Florida, are brutal. The daytime temperature regularly climbs into the mid to upper nineties. There’s very little relief at night. Central air conditioning is vital to comfort, productivity and a good night’s sleep. The system works to distribute cool air evenly through the living space. Unlike window air conditioners, the ductwork sends cool air to supply vents that create a consistent temperature in every room. The equipment is outfitted with filters that capture dust and airborne allergens to promote cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. In the past few years, air conditioners have been designed to be far more energy efficient. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as variable speed motors and wifi thermostats, to reduce energy usage. Rather than ozone-depleting Freon, they use a more environmentally conscientious refrigerant called Puron. These improvements lessen carbon footprint as well as cost of operation. A centralized cooling system makes a lot less noise than a window unit and doesn’t block the view to the outside. It eliminates the safety risk of an open window. The majority of today’s AC systems allow remote adjustment. Indoor temperature is able to be adjusted by way of a smartphone, laptop or tablet for added convenience. For working from home, relaxing or sleeping, the cooling system is crucial. Plus, the air conditioner helps to combat the moisture that would otherwise create a breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria and other toxins. It protects the integrity of home furnishings and the structure of the home.Having a central air conditioner installed significantly increases the resale value of the home.